Our Businesses

The business model of Rimera Group as part of ChelPipe Group enforces development of two key vectors.

These vectors help us shape a comprehensive offer, including the fabrication of producing equipment and delivery of oilfield services.

We implement the idea of the integrated approach through our partnerships with Russian and international oil companies. The advantages produced by those partnerships carry significant benefits for the customer. Economies achieved thanks to the integrated approach deliver substantial cost savings when doing business with us.

Oilfield Equipment

Ninety percent of all oil produced in Russia is extracted with the use of artificial lift techniques. Rimera Group's manufacturing capacities meet virtually all of the largest energy companies' equipment needs. The two leading Russian mechanical engineering companies, members of Rimera Group, contribute to our sucker rod and electric submersible pump offer, the only one of its kind in the energy market.

Rimera currently provides equipment selection, manufacture and after-sale service.

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Alnas, the Almetyevsk-based pump manufacturer, supplies oil companies with electric submersible pump systems. The systems are engineered by leading Russian and CIS research centers using the latest technology. The system design employs world-class technology, using materials that are purpose-engineered for submersible equipment and utilized in the defense and space industries.

The systems can be shipped with any required parts, providing our customers with equipment that suits any well. Alnas products are characterized by the perfect combination of high reliability, excellent performance and affordable price.

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Izhneftemash, the Izhevsk-based petroleum engineering company, produces a variety of equipment for O&G well drilling, workover and infrastructure development, and oil extraction and pumping. Each product group includes a broad range of variants and sizes.

The core products of Izhneftemash are sucker rod pump systems and other equipment used for drilling and well development. The company's range of products is continuously expanded with new designs, driven exclusively by our customer's requirements. Izhneftemash commands a robust pool of material and R&D resources.

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Oil production equipment of all types is in need of constant servicing. The business model of our group is such that our service centers, through direct interaction with clients, are able to directly control the quality of equipment under service. This creates a cyclical process whereby clients receive quality servicing of oil production equipment without having to additionally interact with producers of such equipment.

This business stream of the group relies on a chain of service centers. Rimera-Service branches service downhole oil production equipment manufactured by group plants and also offer tubing conditioning and maintenance services. The wide geographic coverage of our service centers enables us to do the job promptly, lending greater efficiency to the processes of our clients. 

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The chain of Rimera-Service centers services oil production equipment and the entire range of tubing. High-quality and prompt service relies on fine-tuned collaboration with manufacturing plants that are part of the same group.

The service centers are located in the nation's major oil production regions. Extensive geographic coverage, state-of-the-art equipment, and highly skilled personnel combine to provide an unmatched service offering for production companies. The company's service branch offices are currently located in Noyabrsk, Nizhnevartovsk, Gubkinsky, Muravlenko, Nyagan, Talinka, and Buguruslan.

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