Established in 1978, the manufacturing company Alnas is part of Rimera Group and one of Russia's largest makers of complete electric centrifugal pump systems for oil production.

The Alnas product range includes 50 engine variants, 100 pump variants, and more than 3000 equipment options. Alnas has been recognized as Russia's top mechanical engineering company several times in its history.


Alnas today is:

  • innovative research,
  • a group of manufacturing companies making complete submersible systems (centrifugal pump, gas separator, pump protector, electric motor, surface electrical equipment),
  • expert selection of equipment for various operation conditions.

Successfully operated in the oilfields of the largest Russian and international companies, Alnas-made electric centrifugal pump systems are used for extracting a third of all Russian oil. Alnas exports its products to Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, Oman and India.

Today, Alnas, a member of Rimera Group, is prepared to offer oil companies solutions based on cutting-edge technology and using advanced equipment. The company's products comply with Russian quality standards, as confirmed by appropriate certificates and use permits. Alnas equipment can be shipped in various configurations that consider the customer's individual requirements.