We pride ourselves on having built a team of young, energetic, and self-confident professionals who care about the company's future.

Here is what we offer to our employees:

A competitive level of compensation and pay package. We firmly believe that our employees' high skills should be appreciated through adequate financial reward. Rimera guarantees its employees a stable level of compensation and a flexible bonus system that considers both the company's overall results and the employees' personal contributions to achieving those, and provides voluntary health insurance services and added benefits.

Ample opportunities for professional and career growth. The company's rapid growth and continuous widening of our services portfolio generate opportunities for our employees to utilize their most varied talents, while offering them both personal development programs geared toward internal rotation, and continuous professional development programs, training and exchange of best practices.

Participation in large-scale projects. Our business aspirations are not limited to a steady market position: we believe that continuous development is a guarantee of a stable future. For this reason, we continue to invest our energy and resources in developing ongoing projects, such asaffordable housing, while we keep on setting ourselves new, even more ambitious goals.

A transparent, democratic management style. We hold the view that employees should have maximum information about the company's current processes and development plans. At the same time, the management is open to meaningful discussion at all times, supporting those employees who have a vision of their own regarding the company's present and future and who are prepared to propose new, promising business ideas.

An opportunity to pursue your ideas and projects. We value our employees' opinions and professionalism: every member of the team is allowed to express a substantiated view about current events and influence the way these develop—be it strictly work-related issues or decisions of strategic significance to the company.

A friendly, open and creatively-minded team. Employees eagerly participate in corporate events, such as athletic games, football groups and other types of sports competitions.