Chairman of the Board, Rimera Group


Boris Kovalenkov joined ChelPipe Group in 2008 as Managing Director of META-Invest. In 2013 he headed the ChelPipe Commercial Management. Mr. Kovalenkov has contributed to many successful projects of the company, like the construction of a scrap metal collection and processing unit, setting up one of the major national retail networks for tubulars and building a strong partnership with key customers of ChelPipe Group. Since 2017, he has been the General Director of the Pipe Division of the CHTPZ Group.

Boris Kovalenkov graduated from the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys in Metallurgy of ferrous metals. He also completed training under "Strategic Management" Executive MBA program at the Institute of Business and Business Administration associated with the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.

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General Director, Rimera Group


Mikhail has vast experience of working in executive positions at major Russian companies. For the past three years, he has been the Finance Director of Novomet Group (key asset: Novomet-Perm JSC, a manufacturer of submersible equipment).

In 2008-2015 Mr. Belov worked as a Finance Director for a number of machine-building companies including the position of the Vice President for Finance and Economics of EMAlliance OJSC machine-building holding company (key asset: Krasny Kotelsсhik Taganrog Boiler Manufacturing Plant, a manufacturer of coal- and gas-fired boilers for heat power plants).

Mikhail Below graduated from the Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics with a degree in Finance and Credit.

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Director for directions

Deputy General Director for Controlling and Finance, Rimera Group
Zubanova Nailiya
Nailiya Tagirovna joined the ChelPipe Group team in 1999. Working for the company, she has come all the way from an economist of the Schedule & Finance Department to Chief Control Officer, Finance & Economics, PAO ChelPipe. Since February 2016, she has been the Deputy General Director for Controlling and Finance, Rimera Group.

Mrs. Zubanova graduated from the Finance University under the RF Government, as an economist. She is now being trained under an Executive MBA program Strategic Management and Leadership at the Institute of Business Administration under the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration. 
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Sales Director, Rimera Group
Velikiy Stanislav

Stanislav started his career at ChelPipe Group in 2003, in the Sales Department. He took a path from a sales manager at the storage facility up to the manager of the division for working with Uraltrubostal traders. Since May 5, 2016 he has been managing the Sales Unit of Rimera Group.

Mr. Velikiy graduated from the Ural State Technical University majoring in Information Systems and Technologies in Metallurgy. Currently, he is being trained under an Executive MBA program at the Institute of Business Administration under the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.
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Director, Business System Development, Rimera Group
Kropotin Yegor
Yegor Sergeyevich started his career in ChelPipe Group in 2006 as the Sales Analysis and Planning Manager at Uraltrubostal Trading House. In 2012, he became the head of the Office for Operations Assurance, ChelPipe. Since November 2016, Mr. Kropotin has been the Director for Business System Development, Rimera Group.

He graduated from the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys majoring in Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Foundry. He got trained under an Executive MBA program Strategic Management and Leadership at the Institute of Business Administration under the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.
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Director of R&D Center, Rimera Group
Anton Ilyin began his career in Rimera Group at Izhneftemash plant. He began his 12-year career with Izhneftemash as Product Design Engineer, Advanced Development, and gradually moved on to become the Director of the Corporate Engineering Center. Mr. Ilyin has successfully administrated operations of the process and design service, participated in implementing automated design systems and in developing new cementing and well-drilling equipment. Starting from May 2017, Mr. Ilyin held the position of the Director of Rimera Group’s R&D Center.

Anton graduated from Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University as Engineer.
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Procurement Director, Rimera Group
Elena has nine-year experience in project management and procurement. Before joining Rimera Group, Elena worked as a Project Director for Evrazholding and participated in successful implementation of such projects as Coal Injection into Blast Furnaces at the Evraz United West Siberian Metallurgical Complex and Nizhny Tagil Metallurgical Complex, Procurement Transformation and others.

Elena graduated from the Moscow State University of Steels and Alloys with a degree in Ferrous Metals Metallurgy and Corporate Economics and Management. She also took follow-up training at the Moscow School of Management Skolkovo in Improving Competitiveness of a Company.
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Director on legal support of business, Rimera Group
Igor Koretskiy has 16 years of experience in corporate legal counseling. Prior to his employment with Rimera Group, Mr. Koretskiy was employed as the Legal Director by Yakutsk Fuel and Energy Company for 4 years. He successfully managed claims and cooperated with numerous governing and controlling authorities.

Igor graduated from the Moscow Military University of the Ministry of Defense where he majored in Law.
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Project Management Head, Rimera Group
Konstantin Zhalnin has 9 years of experience in project management with ChelPipe, in particular, he was engaged in implementation of the corporate project management system and provided guidance for projects and strategic initiatives.

Konstantin Zhalnin graduated from the Ladoshin Institute of Economics and Law in Chelyabinsk where he majored in Economics.
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IT Director, Rimera Group
Prior to his employment with Rimera Group, Rustam Abdrakhmanov was employed as IT Director, East Siberia Division, Sibur Group, where he successfully managed operation and support of IT services within Tyumen Region and the Khanty-Mansijsk Autonomous District, and crisis-managed the IT Section at the Zapsibneftehim plant under construction.

Rustam graduated from the Ufa State Aviation Technical University as IT Security Expert.
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The Executive Directors

Executive Director, Izhneftemash
Berezin Sergey
Sergey Borisovich started his career at Izhneftemash in 1995. He has come along the path from Deputy Procurement Manager to Supply Chain Manager. Mr. Berezin has been acting as the Executive Director of the Izhevsk Petroleum Machine Engineering Plant since August 2016.

He graduated from the Izhevsk Mechanical Institute majoring in Machine Engineering Technology, and was honored with a special certificate by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Udmurt Republic. 
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Acting Executive Director at Alnas
Ildar Ruzalinovich has worked for the Alnas Plant for over 15 years and has long-standing experience in executive positions. For the past five years, Mr. Khairullin has been working as a Chief Engineer. In 2001-2013 he worked as a shop manager, a deputy director for marketing and commerce and a health and safety department manager.

Ildar Khairullin graduated from the Kazan Higher Military Command School with a degree in Aerial Vehicles and Power Plants.
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Director, Pipe Service, Rimera Service
Gaas Yevgeni
Yevgeni Anatoliyevich started his career in ChelPipe Group as a pipe insulator in the pipe welding shop, and has come all the way from that to the ChelPipe’s pipe-rolling shop manager. He participated in the preparation and launch of the most advanced White Metallurgy shop to date – Vysota 239. Since July 2016, Mr. Gaas has been the Production System Manager, Rimera Group.

He has two higher educations, having graduated from the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys majoring in Metal Working Process, and the South Ural State University majoring in HR Management.  
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Executive Director, Rimera-Service
Sergey Gorbunov joined Rimera Group as Rimera Service Executive Director in February 2017. He has more than fifteen-years of experience as a manager of leading Russian petroleum companies.

Sergey Gorbunov has graduated from the Kuybyshev Polytechnic Institute in Technologies and Integrated Mechanization of Oil and Gas Field Development and the LINK International Management Institute where he majored in Financial Management and Production Control.

Sergey Gorbunov holds PhD in Engineering.
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Branch Director, Rimera Service Gubkinski
Ignatiyev Aleksandr
Aleksandr Anatoliyevich has been working for Rimera Service since 2013. He has come all the way in his career from Chief Process Engineer and Chief Engineer up to Branch Director.

Mr. Ignatiyev has been with the industry for about twenty years. He started his career at Noyabrskneftegaz JSC as an electrician, and before joining Rimera Service he managed the Equipment Reliability Department at Borets Muravlenko LLC.

Mr. Ignatiyev graduated from the Siberian Institute of Business and Information Technology majoring in Information Systems in Economy. He is now getting his second higher education, majoring in Development and Operation of Oil&Gas Fields in the Udmurt State University.
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Branch Director, Rimera Service Nizhnevartovsk
Zaripov Talgat
Talgat Akhatovich joined Rimera Group in 2015 as the Director of the Nizhnevartovsk Branch of Rimera Service.

His total experience of working for Fuel&Energy sector is 32 years. In the past 11 years, Mr. Zaripov worked for Oilpump Service, acting also as the Branch Director and Deputy General Director.

He graduated from the Tyumen State Oil&Gas University majoring in Development and Operation of Oil and Gas Fields.

Mr. Zaripov was awarded the medal For Exploitation of Mineral Resources and Advancement of West Siberian Oil&Gas complex.
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Branch Director, Rimera Service Povolzhiye
Bogaichuk Vladimir
Vladimir Mikhailovich joined Rimera Group in 2011 as Chief Engineer of the Rimera Service Povolzhiye branch. In 2013, he became the head of the organization.

He started his career as an electrician at the Novosibirsk Synthetic Fiber Plant. Mr. Bogaichuk has a 24-years’ experience of working for petroleum industry companies. Before joining Rimera Service, he held offices of Deputy Operations Director, Workshop Manager, Process Engineer at Oilpump Service.

He graduated from the Omsk State Technical University majoring in Electrical Equipment of Industrial Facilities. 
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Branch Director, Rimera Service Nyagan
Buyanov Andrey
Andrey Yurievich joined Rimera Service in 2014 to take office of Deputy Director of the Company’s Talinski Branch. In 2015 he was appointed the Branch Director, and in 2016, he became the head of the united branch in Nyagan. Mr. Buyanov has a fifteen-years’ experience of working in managerial positions in the oil industry, including seven years at Oilpump Service Nyagan.

He graduated from the Tyumen State Oil&Gas University majoring in Development and Operation of Oil and Gas Fields.
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