Mission, vision, values


The company's mission is to expand the possibilities of all interested parties as much as possible:

– customers, i.e. energy sector companies, who can increase the efficiency of their business operations with the Rimera Group's solutions,

– ChelPipe and its shareholders, who are interested in generating added value by developing a new business,

– the employees, who can enjoy career growth and training opportunities within the Group.


Rimera is a group that combines O&G equipment and services companies. We strive to be the leader in integrated solutions for the energy sector, and we believe our unique selection of assets serves as the foundation for achieving that goal.

Rimera is already offering integrated solutions helping our partners conduct their business operations more efficiently: increase oil production, improve trunk pipeline reliability, and cut equipment servicing costs. We have an intention to consolidate and exploit the progress, relying on our manufacturing units' many years of experience, the trust of our customers, the professionalism of our employees, and the business synergy produced by collaboration between the members of the Group.


We view the following values as the basis of the business culture:

Customer focus. Rimera Group is committed to the interests of its customers in its operations. Quickly responding to their requirements, the company releases new products, upgrades its technology, modernizes its manufacturing facilities, and enhances its standard of service.

A comprehensive approach. Rimera adheres to the integrated approach which it believes is a prerequisite to business success. It is the approach to using the company's resources that affords the benefits of collaboration, which ensure a synergistic effect.

Maximum results. To ensure maximum effect, Rimera innovates at a high rate, strives to make timely decisions and see that these are efficiently executed, and utilizes all of the company's resources in the best possible way.

Continuous personnel development. Rimera strives to be an attractive employer, fostering fulfillment, initiative and career growth. The Group places major emphasis on employee training and skill improvement.