Modernization of Manufacturing Companies

Rimera Group allocates a significant share of its funds to upgrading and modernization of its manufacturing sites. Modernization of the manufacturing companies has strategic importance, as Rimera controls one of the nation's major mechanical engineering assets.

A large-scale revamping program is being effected at the Alnas plant in Tatarstan. The plant is of strategic importance for the town and Republic, which is why many of Rimera Group’s initiatives meet support from the governments of the Republic and the town.

The total amount of investments to upgrade the Almetyevsk plant exceeded 2 bln rubles. Under the program, the foundry equipment has been upgraded, and modern Mori Seiki (Japan) milling units have been procured.  Commissioning of the new foundry unit will help the Alnas plant reach the production capacity up to 7,500 ESPs per year, reduce the production prime costs by 25% and relieve the environmental pressure.

Izhneftemash is also running a program, having allocated over 250 mln rubles for the plant’s retrofit.  In 2012, the plant launched a line producing tubing couplings. There is an ongoing scheduled and off-schedule purchase of a more advanced and efficient equipment.

The upgrade is also taking place at the Group’s service units - Rimera Service branches, which helps the companies expand the range of their services, following the market needs.