The Group’s enterprises enjoy a powerful material, technical and scientific potential to maintain their research activities. The extensive experience of cooperation with CIS and Russia’s major oil companies helps plan the research process and get the highest oil production performance for the benefit of our Clients.

Rimera Group’s Research & Development Center (R&D Center) coordinates the research activities of the Group’s enterprises. In close cooperation with the marketing and sales departments of the Group, the R&D Center governs development and advancement of new technologies, following the current requirements of the Client and the market in general.

The engineering center of the Alnas plant (Almetyevsk) is working both on the retrofit of the existing ESP elements and development of innovational equipment. To date, cutting-edge pumps Series 2215, 0215, 0615 have been developed and are going through the field trial.  Besides, higher voltage motor models have been designed. There is a successful ongoing operation of a reservoir pressure maintenance unit and other tools for artificial lift, intended to cut our Clients’ costs and increase their revenues.

The Izhneftemash engineering center is in charge of comprehensive design and development of oilfield equipment. Izhneftemash maintains direct contact with major Russian oil producers, timely offering products in demand. Among the latest noteworthy engineering solutions of the Izhevsk plant are UNB2-250x50K (УНБ2-250х50К) double-pump cementing unit, USP-20K (УСП-20К) cement mixing and surge tank unit, and DP12 (ДП 12) sucker-rod pump of higher loading capacity.

Rimera ensures patent protection of the research and development findings by its personnel, which helps constantly raise the value of its intangible assets.

Today, Rimera Group holds over 65 patents for oilfield equipment.