White Well

The unique nature of Rimera Group's business model lies in the integrated proposals we provide to our customers.

The White Well project is unique for the domestic Fuel & Energy market owing to its integrated approach to oil production. The White Well Project enables selection, manufacturing and supply of downhole pumping equipment  with regard to the conditions and specific design of wells. It also offers equipment maintenance throughout the entire operation time, and training of personnel.

The Group’s synergetic advantages help our Clients drastically expand their capacity and minimize the costs. ChelPipe Group's pipe and oilfield service divisions take part in the project. 

The Pervouralsk Pipe plant fabricates high-durability oil-well tubing. The Alnas plant develops and manufactures ESP units to run at difficult well stocks. Izhneftemash is responsible for the production of corrosion and wear-resistant sucker-rod pumps and dedicated equipment.  Rimera Service supplies pup joints, crossovers, valves and provides repair and maintenance of the equipment and tubing supplied.

Today, White Well packages have undergone pilot testing at oilfields of CIS and Russia’s major oil producers. They have shown a 3-8 fold increase in the MTBF.