ChelPipe Group Participates in the 13th Moscow International Oil & Gas Exhibition


ChelPipe Group is presenting its unique While Well project, a novelty in the Russian fuel and energy market, and its latest artificial lift and well workover equipment at the Moscow International Oil & Gas Exhibition (MIOGE-2015). The largest oil and gas exhibition is taking place at the Moscow Expocenter, June 23 to June 26.

ChelPipe Group Participates in the 13th Moscow International Oil & Gas Exhibition

ChelPipe Group Participates in the 13th Moscow International Oil & Gas Exhibition

The aim of the While Well project implemented with the participation of the ChelPipe pipe and oilfield service divisions is to boost oil production in complex wells by increasing the time between overhaul of downhole equipment by way of individual selection of materials and packaged equipment supply. The White Well equipment package reduces the downtime by up to average 20 days per well. Cost savings roughly come up to 3 million roubles per well over three years.

“Rimera Group has a unique set of assets to offer our clients packaged supplies of downhole equipment in order to reduce the downtime. This equipment is mainly corrosion-resistant tubing made by the Pervouralsk Pipe plant and electric submersible pumps made by Alnas plant. Equipment is selected to suit the conditions of each individual well, produced at our plants and delivered and serviced by Rimera Service over the entire service life. White Well equipment sets have been recently pilot-tested by all major Russian and CIS oil production companies, and showed three to six times the normal time between failures", says Vitaly Sadykov, Rimera's General Director.

All visitors of the ChelPipe exhibition stand can view an interactive presentation of how the equipment is assembled and operated in the well in order to demonstrate all advantages of the White Well technology.

MIOGE-2015 participants also have access to ChelPipe Group's new oil production equipment samples. Those include casing pipes with gas-proof connectors made by the Pervouralsk Pipe plant and an INM-TMS-4 telemetry system for well data measuring that provides prompt acquisition of telemetric data and constant leakage monitoring made by Izhneftemash plant. Alnas equipment samples include a high-performance 0615ECNAKIZ-80I corrosion-resistant electric submersible pump, seal sections operated at high temperatures of up to 150°C, an NPED-45-117M electric motor that allows to save energy during artificial lift, and others. Rimera's trunkline equipment manufacturers, JSC Pipeline Bends and MSA, also have their samples on display.

A double-pump unit by Izhneftemash plant which ensures continuity of well cementing is also exhibited in the Expocenter.

The Moscow International Oil & Gas Exhibition is the annual marketplace for the world major oil and gas producers, equipment vendors and oilfield service providers. ChelPipe's top managers and leaders - ChelPipe Board Member Alexander Filatov, Rimera Group General Director Vitaly Sadykov, Rimera Group Deputy General Oilfield Service Director Alexander Filippov, General Director of ChelPipe-Engineering Vladimir Kolesnikov, Rimera Group Research & Development Center Director Sergey Sibirev, Alnas CEO Sergey Shunin, and others are planning to attend the Exhibition this year.

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