Employees of ChelPipe’s Alnas Become First Tenants of Corporate Apartment Building


Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov and ChelPipe majority shareholder Andrey Komarov on May 27 in Almetyevsk presented to Alnas employees the keys to their new apartments located in the Perspektiva residential building. The festive event saw the attendance of city and national government officials and Rimera Group top managers.

Employees of ChelPipe’s Alnas Become First Tenants of Corporate Apartment Building

Employees of ChelPipe’s Alnas Become First Tenants of Corporate Apartment Building

The 106-apartment building intended for employees of the Alnas manufacturing company, which is controlled by Rimera Group (itself the oilfield service division of ChelPipe), is located in the Alsu neighborhood of Almetyevsk, Tatarstan. The ChelPipe-funded housing is provided on social rent terms and fitted with all necessary amenities including modern furniture and appliances.

The corporate housing construction program kicked off in 2011 as part of a broader production and welfare modernization project at Alnas. As reported earlier, the modernization program provides for upgrading of the manufacturing facilities and increasing of output to 9,500 pump units a year. Total investment in the project is estimated at RUB 1.2 billion.

The modernization project is not all about production. At its core is an effort to bring about a change in work ethics and introduce “white” mechanical engineering standards at Alnas, which includes steps aimed at training and securing highly skilled employees. Provision of corporate housing to young employees belongs in that area, too. The performance and achievements of applicants who wished to improve their housing situation were assessed during one year in a corporate competition. The winners of phase one received the keys to their apartments in the new building opened in Almetyevsk today amid festivities. Alnas is planning to continue the competition both for its in-house trained employees and highly skilled professionals hired from the outside.

“Very high quality and very feature rich,” said Tatarstan President Rustam Nurgaliyevich Minnikhanov after surveying the new building. “Most importantly, with this kind of house you can just get your keys, go in and start living here — everything you need is already in here. The first steps we have been making show that leased housing has the right to existence. We clearly understand that there is no way to provide housing to young people with no starting capital other than through leased housing. Therefore my opinion of this project, masterminded by ChelPipe shareholder Andrey Komarov, is certainly positive.”

“ChelPipe and the Republic of Tatarstan are bound by a long-standing, strong relationship, first and foremost, pipe shipments from our pipe-rolling plants and oil production equipment,” Andrey Komarov said. “However, our partnership is not only about doing business with Tatneft and other companies. Almetyevsk, Tatarstan’s oil capital, was the first town where the ChelPipe group began to build its corporate housing. This is not our only social project in Tatarstan. The third Snezhnost charitable children’s festival will be held this year. We have prepared one more present for 70 years of Tatarstan’s oil industry and 60 years of Almetyevsk: opening of the first classrooms at the College of the Future Tatarstan, which will be located on the premises of Alnas.”

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