ETERNO Plant Acknowledged as Event of the Year 2015 in Metallurgy


The joint project of ChelPipe and RUSNANO became the award-winner of a contest held within the event of Metal-Expo'2015 International Exhibition.

ETERNO Plant Acknowledged as Event of the Year 2015 in Metallurgy

ETERNO Plant Acknowledged as Event of the Year 2015 in Metallurgy

The respective certificate signed by D. V. Manturov, Minister of Trade and Industry of the Russian Federation, was presented to a representative of ChelPipe Group at the exhibition’s opening ceremony. The ETERNO plant was rated among the top three at the contest "Event of the Year in Russian Metallurgy" set up in 2011 to support and promote innovation projects in the industry. The winners are selected annually by the contest jury – Metal-Expo organizing committee comprised by the heads of major metal companies, representatives of the industry research and design institutes, etc. The contestants are evaluated in terms of the scale of investment projects aimed at upgrade and revamping of basic production assets, implementation time and the amount of investments being no less than 100 mln. euro.

“The ETERNO plant continues the traditions of the White Metallurgy well-known for its high standards and continuous strive for renovation and perfection. Joining the project as a partner, we have seen an enormous synergizing effect: nanotechnologies employed in production process helped improve the performance of our products and set up an environment for long-term competitive advantage in the market. This award is a natural acknowledgement of leadership in hi-tech domain", says Andrey Gorkov, Managing Director of RUSNANO. "As shareholders, we are satisfied with the fact that the plant has received its deserved market recognition.

The total project is worth 6.6 bln. rubles. The plant will ensure ChelPipe Group's comprehensive participation in Fuel & Energy pipeline projects in 2016-2020 due to the guaranteed level of quality for the entire product line (large-bore pipes, pressed-and-welded pipeline parts).

This is the first victory our plant in such a high-profile competition. We would like to thank the con organizers for the recognition, which, I am sure, will be a perfect start for new production achievements!", says Valentin Tazetdinov, RIMERA GROUP Deputy General Director for mainline equipment.

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