Ongoing Commissioning at Eterno Plant in Chelyabinsk


To date, almost all the main assemblies of the new facility for fabrication of pressed and welded pipe fittings - Eterno - have been installed. The construction of the plant is part of ChelPipe and Rusnano's joint project.

Ongoing Commissioning at Eterno Plant in Chelyabinsk

Ongoing Commissioning at Eterno Plant in Chelyabinsk

Specialists are commissioning 12 units of equipment in three production areas of the plant - preparatory press shop, thermomechanical shop and welding shop. Among those is a SKEM press machine with hydraulic force 7,000-2,500 t (South Korea), LOI heating and hardening furnaces (Poland), ESAB welding equipment and gas-cutting portal, Haeusler 1600-200, 1600-600, 2600-1500 sheet bending machines (Switzerland).

"Our arsenal has facilities unparalleled in the world. For instance, the dedicated processing center made in Belorus allows simultaneous processing of three planes of a workpiece up to 1,000 sizes. Besides, it can provide 30 types of bevel with thickness ranging from 10 to 110 mm. Unique solutions enable us to market connectors with maximum quality specifications", says Valentin Tazetdinov, Rimera Group's Deputy General Director, Mainline Equipment.

Commissioning is being carried out by installation supervisors of the vendors, with direct participation of Eterno production and maintenance personnel. Upon commissioning, within the qualification process for key consumers - OAO Gazprom, OAO AK Transneft, there is plan to manufacture a pilot batch of fittings, receive certificates of conformance for Eterno products, arrange an expert appraisal of industrial safety and client appraisal of the product specifications. The completion of the products qualification with key consumers is scheduled for September 2015, to be followed by industrial-scale production.

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