Rimera Commissions Two "White Wells" in Western Siberia


Equipment packages manufactured by ChTPZ and Rimera plants have entered service at two LUKOIL wells at once.

Rimera Commissions Two "White Wells" in Western Siberia

Rimera Commissions Two "White Wells" in Western Siberia

This past September, Rimera equipment was successfully installed and launched on two difficult wells of LUKOIL - Western Siberia. The equipment was supplied for pilot operation as part of White Well, a unique projects in the Russian petroleum industry.

Both successfully launched wells are operated by Pocachiovneftegaz, a local production unit of LUKOIL - Western Siberia. The first package was installed in mid-September on Well 1346-G of the Severo-Pokachevskoye field and the second one on September 27 on Well 4344 of the Kliuchevoye field. Both wells have been ramped up to design production.

The equipment packages chosen for the well conditions as part of the White Well project include sour service electrical submersible pump units manufactured by the Alnas plant, the Almetyevsk-based operation of Rimera Group, as well as sour service tubing with 1-3% chromium, manufactured by Pervouralsk Novotrubny Zavod, a Pervouralsk-based plant of ChTPZ Group.

The wellsites of LUKOIL - Western Siberia are the second location where oil industry professionals are testing the integrated approach to oil production proposed by Rimera Group.

"Effective selection, manufacture, and servicing of special-purpose packages of electrical submersible pump units and tubing designed for difficult wells ensures a synchronized increase in mean time between failures for all downhole equipment. This reduces the number of tripping operations and repairs with the attendant costs, translating into higher production volumes. Rimera covers a portion of financial risks involved in the implementation of the White Well project, which now represents a new standard of oil service. This is due to pilot operation of equipment supplied for this project and customer-friendly terms whereby customers pay only for actual results", Konstantin Gribanov, Director of Business Development, comments on the features of the White Well project. 

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