Rimera Develops Cooperation with Fortum Internationally


Two of Rimera's manufacturing companies from the trunk pipeline equipment division will ship their products to the daughter companies of the Finnish Fortum, the largest electric power generation utility in Scandinavia

Rimera Develops Cooperation with Fortum Internationally

Rimera Develops Cooperation with Fortum Internationally

In January two of the Group's assets, Chelyabinsk-based SOT and the Czech MSA, made contracts with Fortum, one of the largest heat and power players in Europe. The Group's Czech factory will ship ball valves to Fortum's Swedish branch and SOT of Chelyabinsk will do the same for the Russian Fortum OJSC.

The parcel made in Czech Republic for Fortum AB will include 15 16“–36“, Class 150 ball valves worth EUR 307,000. MSA valves will be used to upgrade Stockholm's heat supply mains system built into the rock under the city.

According to the contract, SOT's Chelyabinsk facility will produce 1,400 tonnes of pipe spools of varying complexity before the beginning of 2nd quarter of 2014. SOT-made mounting assemblies and pipe bends shall be used as part of the project of construction and commissioning of three power generating units of Chelyabinsk HEPP owned by Fortum.

Let us note that getting access into the Swedish market is on the list of priorities for Rimera's Czech asset.

“For Rimera and MSA in particular the admission into the market of Sweden is an important step forward towards stronger positions in the European market. Our ties with Scandinavian oil and gas industry are there for more than 13 years now, but this is the first order from Sweden. Some of our other Scandinavian clients are Neste Oil Oyj (Finland) and the Norwegian FMC Kongsberg and Metering, which, over our cooperation history, have bought more that 300 valves worth EUR 1.4 million,” says Vladimir Kononov, MSA Chairman of the Board.

ChelPipe Group's pipe-making division also successfully develops its cooperation with Fortum. For instance, last year the company, together with Tatteploizolyatsiya Ltd, supplied Fortum's facilities more than 3452.023 tonnes of large diameter pipes, most of which were 1,220 mm diameter 14 mm thick wall pipes, and the rest were 720 mm diameter 10 mm thick wall pipes.

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