Rimera Group’s Izhneftemash Plant to Enhance Export Activities


Rimera Group's Izhevsk Plant has made a shipment of sucker-rod pumps to PETROBRAS as a first step on the Brazilian market.

Rimera Group’s Izhneftemash Plant to Enhance Export Activities

Rimera Group’s Izhneftemash Plant to Enhance Export Activities

The Izhneftemash engineers developed a new sucker-rod pump model, 25-225 ТНС 15-4-2-2 tubing pump, to execute the contract and meet the requirements of the Client and API Spec Q1 and API Spec 11АХ international standards.

A new design of standing valve catcher makes 25-225 ТНС 15-4-2-2 tubing pump distinct from other models. Another novelty is a custom-built valve assembly with a titanium carbide ball and tungsten carbide seat. Also, what makes the new pump stand out is that it can be installed in EUE tubing string. The new pump has the following specifications: maximum plunger stroke up to 4 000 mm, head up to 1 500 m, theoretical capacity over 120 m3/day at 10 spm with plunger stroke 3 500 mm.

The entire design and engineering program was completed in a very short time, within two months, which also included the process design and manufacture. The performance and efficiency of the new pump were confirmed by factory testing and by client representatives who visited the plant for incoming inspection of the sucker-rod pumps manufactured by Izhneftemash.

“This year, supplying thirty sucker-rod pumps to the leading Brazilian petroleum company became the first step of Izhneftemash on the Brazilian market. It is going to pave the way for bidding in Brazil to supply oil production equipment”, says Stanislav Velikiy, Sales Director, Rimera Group. - “There are over 4 500 wells in this country running on sucker-rod pumps, and we can become a strong competitor in this segment making reliable and top-quality pumps”.

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