Rimera’s Czech Plant MSA and Festo Agree on a Partnership


Festo, one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of GBVA pneumatic drives, and Rimera’s MSA manufacturing company have reached an agreement on cooperation.

Rimera’s Czech Plant MSA and Festo Agree on a Partnership

Rimera’s Czech Plant MSA and Festo Agree on a Partnership

On June 17 in Moscow, Festo, Europe’s largest manufacturer of GBVA pneumatic drives, and MSA, the oldest manufacturer of pipeline valves, signed a protocol of intent to cooperate. The parties agreed to pursue a mutually beneficial partnership in supplying the Russian market.

MSA is in the process of building a network of verified vendors of guaranteed-quality components and purchased parts for Russia, a high-priority market for the manufacturer. With its own manufacturing facilities in Germany, Poland and Russia, Festo has all the required capacity for a partnership in developing both the Russian and European pipeline valve markets. Festo products have passed all required tests for compliance with Gazprom specifications. Festo pneumatic drives are the only ones to have successfully passed fire tests in Russia (exposure to a temperature of 1000 C for 30 minutes).

“When making our products, we use the most advanced technology that provides the highest quality possible,” says Mikhail Zhamkov, Rimera’s director of trunk pipeline equipment sales. “The same is true for suppliers of materials and components for Czech-made ball valves. Vendors are only authorized to supply after they have passed a comprehensive audit. Festo is a well-reputed company, and I am confident this partnership will first and foremost benefit our customers, especially those in Russia.”

MSA and Festo are planning a series of projects in the future.

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