Rimera’s Izhevsk Plant Completing Reducer Shipments to Kazakhstan


The Izhneftemash company, a member of Rimera Group, will finish its shipments of RP-450 and RP-450-28 reducers to Kazakhstan's Mangistaumunaigaz before the end of May.

Rimera’s Izhevsk Plant Completing Reducer Shipments to Kazakhstan

Rimera’s Izhevsk Plant Completing Reducer Shipments to Kazakhstan

The equipment shipped to Kazakhstan improves on the standard RP-450 design by adding catcher grooves in the reducer plug, which provide extra protection against oil leaks from the housing, and a magnetic metal trap for removing shavings from the reducer oil bath, thus helping decrease cog and bearing wear. In 2012, Izhneftemash made a large quantity of similarly designed reducers for KazMunaiGas Exploration Production, the main production division of Kazakhstan’s KazMunaiGas.

Mangistaumunaigaz is among Kazakhstan’s largest oil production companies with more than 31 percent of the region’s total output and eight percent the country’s total. The company is developing 15 oil and gas fields with reserves that total 6.783 billion barrels of original oil in place. The annual output is over 35 million barrels.

Kazakhstan is a key CIS market for Rimera Group’s and ChelPipe pipe-making division’s comprehensive shipments: from pipes and pipeline bends to pumpjacks and various pump designs. The Chelyabinsk-based SOT manufacturer maintains stable partnerships with Kazakhstan’s O&G companies. SOT has passed a Kazakhstan national ST RK ISO 9001-2009 quality audit in May. The auditor’s positive opinion is a testament to the company’s right to make products for Kazakhstan energy companies.

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