Rimera’s Izhneftemash Designs New Suspended Pipe Tongs Variant


Responding to the wishes of service companies that use Rimera products, Izhneftemash has made substantial changes to the tongs design, aimed, in particular, at greater reliability and better ergonomics.

Pictured: KPT-2 suspended pipe tongs (production sample)

Pictured: KPT-2 suspended pipe tongs (production sample)

The KPT-2M variant differs from the production model through a modified hydraulic unit. It has a more powerful hydraulic motor and a hydraulic control valve made by Italy’s Walvoil. These engineering choices have made the tongs more reliable in operation. Besides, the ergonomic qualities of the tongs have been improved in accordance with the wishes of the service companies through better positioning of the controls. 
It should be noted that the modernized KPT-2M tongs have similar advantages to the older model: the absence of a planetary reduction gearbox, a simplified gear-shifting procedure, a reinforced structure, enhanced protection against external effects, and minimal service requirements.
The KPT-2M development prototype, along with the latest ESP designs by Alnas, will be displayed at Moscow International Oil and Gas Exhibition (MIOGE) 2013 to be held in June.

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