Sergey Brezitsky Appointed as Rimera General Director


Vitaly Sadykov is now the head the Board of Directors of CJSC Rimera, ChelPIpe's oilfield service division management company, while Sergey Brezitsky is the new General Director of Rimera Group.

Sergey Brezitsky Appointed as Rimera General Director

Sergey Brezitsky Appointed as Rimera General Director

The decisions were passed by the Board of Directors on December 23. Vitaly Sadykov, previously General Director, has been elected to the position of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of CJSC Rimera.
Sergey Brezitsky will head Rimera Group starting December 24, 2013. The new General Director's career is entirely the product of the oil and gas industry. For two decades he has been in top positions in the largest energy companies, such as Sibneft, TNK-BP, NK Alliance.

«Today Rimera Group has everything it needs to develop its oilfield services offer and bring it to a brand new level. This is true for our operations both in Russia and abroad. I am talking about integrated service packages — from selection and fabrication of equipment down to its field maintenance — which is an opportunity presented by the group's unique asset portfolio. This approach was proven to be effective in our oil production applications. Developing our business into this area is our current priority,» said Sergey Brezitsky, Rimera Group General Director in his first address to the staff.

ChelPipe stockholder Alexander Fedorov commented on the appointment saying: «I am sure the recent transfers will help ChelPipe divisions to reach the next level of coordination and achieve maximum synergy in all business areas. The new Rimera Group leader stands out for his fuel and energy market expertise, stemming from both application and managerial background. I am sure his knowledge will help to boost the efficiency of our oilfield service division companies, which we believe to be one of the growth points of our business.»

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