Product catalog

Rimera Group's business model provides for growth in four key areas that enable us to build a unique integrated solution, currently unparalleled in the nation's energy market: from "entry" into the field, to surface and subsurface infrastructure development, to access to the trunk transportation system.

New equipment

Oilfield Equipment

The leading Russian mechanical engineering companies Alnas and Izhneftemash, members of Rimera Group, offer artificial lift, drilling and well cementing equipment solutions that are unique for the energy market.

Artificial Lift Equipment

Dual Production Equipment

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The equipment is designed for concurrent recovery from two or more productive reservoirs using Izhneftemash sucker rod pumps.

ESP Surface Equipment

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The surface equipment of electric submersible pump systems is designed for controlling the pump, electric motor and other downhole equipment. Surface equipment includes a telemetry system: hardware and software that collect and analyze data on production conditions and help prevent equipment overload.

Electric submersible pump systems are some of the most popular and efficient oil production systems. These systems can pump out reservoir fluids from depths of up to 3 600 meters at a rate of 10 to 1 375 cu m per day. An electric submersible pump system comprises a centrifugal pump, a gas separator, a pump protector, an electric motor, telemetry systems and other equipment. Systems can be shipped in any configuration, which allows our customers to get equipment that fits any well.

Installation Tools

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Installation tools are used for repairing and servicing of electric submersible pump systems and submersible cable.

Repressuring Systems

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Repressuring systems are designed for injecting water into an oil reservoir to maintain the pressure inside.

SRP Systems for Oil Production

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Sucker rod pump systems are some of the world's most popular artificial lift systems. This type of pump is especially efficient when used in marginal wells. The units are comprised of pumps, gears, sucker rods, and other downhole equipment.

Drilling Equipment

Used as part of a drilling rig for makeup and breakout of drill and casing pipes in the course of tripping operations when drilling oil or gas wells.

NB drill pumps: horizontal, twin, two-way, and power-driven, with a built-in gear reducer. Designed for delivering liquids into a well in the course of exploratory or production drilling, well workover and other production operations, as well as pumping of non-aggressive liquids.

Well Cementing Equipment

Cement Bond Logging System

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Designed for wellhead hookup with pump systems and monitoring of the operational parameters of the cement job.

Designed for delivery of liquids (mud, cement, salt solutions) when performing preflush and overflush operations and cementing O&G wells in the course of drilling and workover.

Designed for pump systems hookup with the wellhead in the course of well cementing, hydraulic fracturing and other preflush and overflush operations.

Designed for transportation of dry powdery materials (cement, slurry mixtures, sand, and other loose materials), preparing cementing slurries and other sand-liquid slurries when cementing O&G wells.

Mobile Steam Units

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The unit is an autonomous boiler designed for producing hot water and steam under field conditions. It has an advanced temperature and steam pressure control system with real-time digital indication. The unit comprises: steam generator, burner device, fuel and water tanks, transmission, set of delivery pipes complete with nozzle, water treatment system, steam system, marine engine.

Oilfield pump systems are designed for delivering mud in the course of cementing, hydraulic fracturing, abrasive jet perforation, sand washing, sidetrack drilling and kickoff, and other preflush and overflush operations in gas and oilfields.

Triplex Plunger Pumps

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Triplex plunger pumps are designed for feeding non-aggressive fluids when performing abrasive jet perforation, sand washing, completing wells, and performing other preflush and overflush operations inside O&G wells.

Well Workover Equipment

Hydraulic Sludge Pump

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Designed for clearing wells of sludge during workover.

Designed for well completion and pressure transient testing. The pump is mounted inside an NKT-73 tubing string. A packer that seals the annular space is mounted below the pump.

Casing and rod non-releasing grip spears with a profiled external surface provide catching and removal of tubing, downhole pumps and motors, and pump rods from wells when eliminating accidents.

Suspended Tongs and Power Slips

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Suspended tongs are designed for makeup and breakout of sucker rods when completing and working over oil or gas wells. Power slips, part of the surface and subsurface well workover equipment set, are designed for holding a tubing string in place when servicing or working over a well.


Rimera Group operates a broad network of service sites that provide well mechanical stock and OCTG maintenance, submersible equipment and sucker rod pump maintenance and repair, and surface and subsurface equipment lease.

Drone-Based Monitoring of Energy Infrastructure Sites. Chelpipe.avia Project

Drone-Based Monitoring of Energy Infrastructure Sites

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Chelpiper 75 is a drone enabling panoramic and vertical still and video aerial photography and other similar functions. Its modular design allows to quickly replace various drone payloads and modify the onboard equipment configurations.

Chelpiper 75 drone's technical characteristics make it a highly efficient unmanned system for protection of oil and gas pipelines.

With air range of at least 360 km, operating altitude 50 ÷ 500 m and flying time of more than 4 hours, the drone is stable and docile enough to be used in challenging weather conditions. The pulling propeller design perfectly suits the intended application and ensures personnel safety.

The extra onboard volume inside the wings allows the drone to carry a broad range of instrumentation. The drone's onboard instrumentation and Automatic Control System enable video and photo data recording while registering multiple service parameters (coordinates, altitude, frame number, etc.), which greatly facilitates post-processing and, most importantly, automates the stitching of frames and helps determine target coordinates. The drone carries photo and video cameras, a thermal imager and a gyrostabilized television camera.

Complex analysis of data streamed by the drone allows to:

  1. Monitor oil spills
  2. Locate illegal taps 
  3. Locate pipeline sections laid at non-standard depths
  4. Monitor new objects within the protected zone 
  5. Monitor and identify moving objects within the protected zone, even during the night
  6. Quickly receive video and photo data from hard to reach locations 
  7. Evaluate forest invasion to predict deforestation needs along the pipeline
  8. Evaluate the speed and quality of repair and construction operations
  9. Evaluate pipeline condition at ground-to-water transitions 
  10. Perform large area still and video photography 
  11. Create photomaps
  12. Perform multiband photography 
  13. Perform industrial and environmental monitoring 
  14. Perform land inventory and status assessment work 
  15. Perform cadastral work

OCTG Services

Casing Preparation

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We provide casing preparation services which include receipt inspection of casing against specifications, and subsequent handover to drilling companies.

Comprehensive Tubing Service

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Our comprehensive tubing services comprise repair, completing of tubing elevators with tube size adapters, pipe branches, and landing joints of varying length, removal of tubing for repair and delivery of repaired tubing, selective supervision of tubing operation and screening by well servicing and workover teams during tripping, receipt inspection of new products, and accounting of tubing movement.

Manufacture of Tubing from Tube Stock

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Manufacture of required tubing types in oil production regions. Our products are supplied with all requisite certificates and datasheets, which allows the customer to contact NCTB directly, rather than the manufacturer, in disputed cases.

Sucker Rod Repair

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Our sucker rod repair services comprise flaw detection, recovery and strengthening of both used and new sucker rods.

Tube Storage and Loading/Unloading Operations

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The company operates its own railroad dock equipped with moving machines capable of unloading 850 tons at a time. Combined indoor and outdoor storage floorspace totals more than 27 000 m².

Submersible Equipment and Electric Submersible Pump Service and Lease

Cable Line Repair

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  • detect cable line flaws;
  • eliminate shell tears and low insulation areas;
  • install/remove splice joints, install heat plugs and patches in new cable sections in accordance with approved layout for well conditions;
  • connect an extension and test the cable line, with a high-voltage testing record.  

Controller Repair and Upgrading

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  • making cuts in the controller cabinet, installing of brackets and other fasteners according to the special template for subsequent installation of controller modules;
  • cabinet painting and marking;
  • installation of new modules inside the controller cabinet; 
  • controller testing.

Lease of ESP and SRP System Equipment

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Submersible sections of ESP systems can be leased for up to three years, and surface sections, for up to five years. SRP systems can be leased for up to three years.

Production of Cable Lines and Extensions

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Assembly of cable lines, production of cable extension, and high-voltage and hydraulic testing are performed using a special test plant.

Routine Maintenance and Major Repair of ESP Systems

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Restoration of ESP system performance and replacement of up to 75 percent of operating elements (routine maintenance) or above 75 percent (major repair). These repair operations are available both as warranty service and under a maintenance contract.

Routine Maintenance and Major Repair of SRPs and Sucker Rods

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Dismantling of SRP systems, identification of flaws, equipment testing, restoration of SRP system performance and replacement of worn-out parts.

Service of Wells with ESP Systems

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  • selection of ESP size based on the specific well;
  • receipt inspections, testing, inspection/repair/overhauls of ESP system units;
  • ESP delivery to the site and removal of uninstalled systems using our own vehicles;
  • installation/dismantling of ESP systems on the well site;
  • installation/dismantling of ESP systems and bringing of wells to stable production;
  • dispatch of personnel for surface equipment repair and ESP system startup;
  • scheduled preventive maintenance of surface equipment;
  • repair and setup of all types of ESP controllers and transformers;
  • ESP systems parts accounting, performance analysis, investigation of failures;
  • identification of flaws in faulty equipment, accounting of intervals between failures and condition per unit.

Training and Consulting for Users of ESP Systems

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We provide training in the unit structure and operation of ESP and SRP systems in class and on the shop floor using the services of field experts. We provide course books, operating manuals, and displays containing ESP and SRP parts and sections. The classroom is equipped with a wellhead model and a set of surface equipment (controller and oil transformer) that allow installing and bringing into normal operation of an ESP system.

Investigation Operations

Professionals in Rimera Group's Well Logging Division command a system of successful techniques for examining wells and managing drilling emergencies.


Cased Well Investigations in the Course of Construction

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Our set of well-logging operations insures that geological investigation objectives are achieved by lowering radioactive and acoustic logging tools three times.
  • cross-cut lithological layering and subsequent correlation;
  • reservoir quality discrimination;
  • assess reservoir porosity, clayiness, and permeability;
  • assess reservoir saturation characteristics;
  • identify oil-water, gas-oil, and gas-water contacts and subsequently tie perforation intervals to these;
  • check casing condition using acoustic cement bond logging, flaw detection, temperature logging, gamma flaw detection, gamma thickness measurements, electromagnetic collar logging, electromagnetic flaw detection, acoustic video cable logging, and mechanical pipe profile logging.

In the course of the operations, we perform MWD, log drilling fluid characteristics, such as content of hydrocarbons and other fluids flowing from tapped reservoirs; collect and perform quick analysis of sludge and core.

Open Hole Investigations

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The investigations are aimed at:
  • lithological layering of cross-cut using electric logging techniques;
  • identify reservoirs;
  • assess reservoir saturation characteristics. Rocks that comprise geological section have different specific resistance, depending on their lithological composition and reservoir saturation characteristics.
  • assess reservoir porosity and permeability.

Perforation operations having various applications and performed inside deep wells using powders, high explosives and other explosives. Blasting helps eliminate accidents, restore circulation, back off, shake, break or cut drillstrings, break for subsequent removal, or in some cases, remove metal objects left inside the well due to emergency, prevent sticking, etc.

Perforation (Cable and Pipes)

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Jet perforation ensures a hydraulic connection between the well and reservoir, i.e. the perforation must pierce the casing, cement column, and enter the reservoir clogging area with drilling agents and cementing slurries to penetrate the non-contaminated part of the reservoir.

Pressure Transient Testing

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Geophysical investigations of productive reservoirs in the course of reservoir testing, completion and recovery, and pumping of displacement agent to obtain productivity, fluid-loss property and reservoir connectivity data, including gaging of pressure, temperature, flow rate, and composition and properties of fluid inside the wellbore using equipment lowered into the well suspended on logging cable.

Reservoir Management and Production Well Checks

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  • investigation of oil and gas displacement inside the reservoir to check reserve recovery and assess performance of EOR techniques;
  • determining of reservoir producing characteristics;
  • investigation of wells to determine the best process equipment operation mode;
  • verification of actual well geometry;
  • checks of casing and cement column condition, detections of casing or cement leaks, and spacing crossflow for repair planning;
  • determining of well water inflow intervals;
  • checks of tubing and elevator equipment condition;
  • information support to repair operations, special examinations during various process operations;
  • process operations: installation of separation bridges and and plugs, and stimulated completion;
  • checking and documenting of repair results for well file.