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DAO(N)5А-5E Disperser

DAO(N)5А-5E dispersers are designed for converting reservoir fluids containing free gas to a consistent, particulate liquid-gas mixture before it enters the pump. It is used as part of the new lineup of pump unit models 0215, 2215, 0615.
The operating principle of the disperser involves ensuring the required diameter of gas bubbles in the liquid-gas mixture by dispersing them. The operating members of the dispenser are the dispenser screw and the screw sleeve with radial blades.
The fluid stream passes through the dispersing stages, which increase its consistency and reduce the diameter of gas bubbles thereby improving the operation of the pump.
The disperser helps to prevent cavitation and sticking of pump operating members, thus ensuring the required pump performance and increasing efficiency.

Design features of the disperser:
  • No axial support for the shaft; axial forces of the shaft are transferred to the support of the piston rod protector.
  • End parts and shell components, pins, and bearing rings of the shaft are made of stainless steel.
  • If requested by clients, anti-corrosion coating can be applied on the disperser shell pipes.
  • Radial bearings are made of a hard alloy.
  • Shafts are made of high-strength corrosion-resistant steel of grade 05Cr16Ni4Cu2Nb.

Flow rate in the operating zone (m3/day) 120 - 720
Power consumption (kW) 1,15
Shell diameter (mm) 103
Shaft diameter (mm) 22
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