New equipment

Manufacture of Bent Metal Shapes for Steelwork

It is a promising project of JSC Pipeline Bends, which involves installing an add-on appliance for induction bending of metal shapes on the existing Cojafex pipe bending machine.

The appliance will make it possible to perform induction bending of various metal shapes:

  • Rails 
  • Channels 
  • H-beams 
  • Square pipes

Unlike three-high rolling mills, induction bending of metal shapes makes it possible to create shapes with a short-bend radius starting at 600 mm.

Experts with the industry's leading specialist institute, Melnikov Central Research and Design Institute of Steel Structures, have confirmed the feasibility of manufacture of steelwork members by JSC Pipeline Bends using the induction heating method. Considering the international experience of using bent rolled shapes in various projects, it is safe to say that these type of products have a considerable potential for use mostly as structural members of unique buildings and structures (sports arenas, drilling rigs, foot bridges, etc.). Incidentally, the process of hot bending of metal shapes has not been used in Russian territory heretofore.