New equipment

Production of Mounting Assemblies by Three-Dimensional Induction Bending

It is a next-generation project of JSC Pipeline Bends that involves making pipeline assemblies by 3D short-radius bending to replace traditional welded assemblies. The plant is able to offer the new product now that it has launched a new pipe bending mill, SRBMI 1400, by AWS Schaefer (Germany).
JSC Pipeline Bends has already manufactured a pilot assembly by three dimensional bending. It consists of three 90° branch lines with a nominal diameter of 426-1.5 DN.
The project requires finding alternative pipe shells to replace welded pipes for products greater than 426 mm in diameter (because the weld finds itself in the peak strain region). The plant is currently exploring the possibility of using the K48-K60 centrifugal pipe shell that will make it possible to make bends in several planes while maintaining the high precision of overall dimensions.