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Suspended tubing tongs КPТ-2M

The suspended tubing tongs is intended for using in make-and-break operations with drill pipes and tubing during maintenance and overhaul of oil and gas wells as a part of hoisting units of АZ-37, UPT-50, A-50, CUOPER, CREMCO and other types of unit. The tong may be operated in moderate and cold microclimatic areas.

  • No planetary gear reducer;
  • Imported hydraulic components (M&S, Walvoil, Parker, Manuli);
  • Enforced design, safety from external influence;
  • Minimum service maintenance;
  • Easy gear shift;
  • Improved ergonomics.
  • Increased performance (compared to the КPТ-2).
  • The hydraulic drive of the tong is operated by the hydraulic system of the hoisting unit. A set of hoses for connection to the hydraulic system is included in the tong delivery set;
  • The pipe clamping device of cam type, the locking system preventing operation with the unlocked door is provided;
  • The planetary reducer and the gear box ensure two speeds of the rotator;
  • The tong is fastened by the compensating hanger, providing vertical travel of the tongs;
  • An adjustable hydraulic valve for torque limitation and torque visual control system are available;
  • Tongs completed with 73 jaws;
  • Set of changeable parts is intended for operation with all tubing types and versions;
  • Set of installation parts:
    - high pressure hoses;
    - rope;
    - clutches;
    - guyline tractor;
    - brake remover;
    - chain sling with gauge block;
    - lyrated anchor clamp.
Installation parts kit is intended for connection to hydraulic system of a unit and suspending a tongs on a mast.
  • Set of spare parts, tools and accessories:
    - brake;
    - sliding bearings;
    - set of general mechanical rubber goods (rings, gaskets, sealing).
Spare tools and accessories kit is intended for installation of the goods and for change of components during operation.


Parameters Value
Nominal tubing size, mm 60, 73, 89 (48,102,105,114 by order)
Rotational frequency of a rotary head, rpm:
- in high gear
- in low gear

Rated torque in low gear, N∙m (kgf∙m):
at Р = 16 MPa

Rated hydraulic fluid consumption, l/min 80
Overall dimensions, max, mm 1065х750х700
Weight, max, kg 310
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