About the Group

Rimera Group, the oilfield services division of ChelPipe Group, incorporates oil production equipment manufacturers and oilfield service providers, serving fuel and energy companies.

Company Profile

Rimera Group incorporates the leaders of the domestic oil and gas machine engineering – Alnas and Izhneftemash plants, as well as the Rimera-Service network of service centres in key oil-producing regions of Russia.

Being a part of ChelPipe Group allows Rimera Group to offer integrated supplies of pipes, mainline and oilfield equipment to fuel and energy companies.

We are trusted
Major supplier
We are trusted
22% – our market share among independent ESP service contractors in the Russian Federation
Major supplier
Rimera Group exports products to 41 countries in the world

Business scope

Main lines of Rimera Group business:

Oilfield equipment manufacturing
Oilfield services

Today Rimera Group offers integrated solutions for upstream, midstream and downstream enterprises, based on advanced technologies and modern equipment.

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