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Rimera Group incorporates leaders of Russian oil and gas machine engineering as well as a network of service centres in Russia’s key oil producing regions.

We are trusted
Major supplier
We are trusted
15 % – our market share among independent ESP service contractors in the Russian Federation
Major supplier
Rimera Group exports products to 41 countries in the world

Lines of business

Rimera Group offers fuel-and-energy companies integrated solutions for oilfield equipment manufacturing in addition to services related to oilfield development and maintenance.

Oilfield equipment manufacturing
Oilfield services

Corporate footprint

Company news

Rimera Group extended its line of energy-saving oil production equipment
Rimera Group’s Almetievsk plant (part of ChelPipe Group) has designed and begun production of 81 mm and 117 mm new AC electric motor models.
Rimera Group began the production of new-generation drilling equipment
Rimera Group’s Izhevsk plant (part of ChelPipe Group), one of top Russian oil engineering companies, made new ARMATIC program-controlled automatic drilling tongs.
Izhneftemash increased its profit and revenues at 9M 2020 end
Rimera Group’s Izhevsk plant (part of ChelPipe Group), one of top Russian oil engineering companies, drew up its balance sheet for the nine months of 2020.

Key projects

Oilfield equipment lease and servicing of Tomskneft wells
Rimera-Service has been cooperating with Tomskneft for almost 20 years – the branch won the first servicing contract for 28 wells back in 1999.
Oilfield equipment lease and servicing of Slavneft-Megionneftegaz wells
The largest oil company in Western Siberia "Slavneft-Megionneftegaz" is one of the main clients of Rimera Group.
Oilfield servicing of Rosneft-Nyaganneftegaz wells
In 2008 the competitive advantage allowed Rimera-Service to win the contract for servicing 950 wells of Yug-Talinka oil field, and as early as in 2016 the volumes were increased by 639 wells due to the Kamennoye oil field.
The White Well Project
In cooperation with ChelPipe, Rimera is implementing a unique project to the Russian fuel and energy complex, the White Well Project. This is a comprehensive approach to oilfield services, combining several areas related to oil production. It involves the selection, production and supply of submersible equipment, taking into account the conditions and design features of the wells, as well as its after-sales service for the entire period of operation.
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