How to become a supplier

The main purpose of accreditation is to create a Register of Rimera Group prospective bidders, capable of supplying goods, certain types of work, services. Accreditation of suppliers takes place as part of bidding procedures for the products to be purchased.

Filling out a qualification form

Documents required

To successfully pass the accreditation, you will need the following documents:

— Power of attorney for signing the bid;
— Evidence of title and / or the lease agreement for the premises located at the business / legal address of the company, as well as applicable documents for existing storage and production facilities;
— License or document confirming the membership in a self-regulatory organization (SRO), SRO certificate of admission to a certain type of work (if applicable);
— A list of business partners, with contact details;
— Trucking companies should provide a list of available vehicles with the plate number and the owner name;
— Trucking companies – a list of available vehicles with the plate number and the owner name;
— In the case of rental vehicles, provide the relevant agreement / motor vehicle rental agreement;
— Other documents upon request (if applicable).

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