Rimera Group enterprises enjoy extensive scientific capabilities as well as relevant facilities and resources. The long-term cooperation with major oil companies in Russia and CIS countries helps Rimera Group specialists to carefully plan the research process and achieve the highest efficiency in oil production.

The research activities are coordinated by the Rimera Group Research and Development (R&D) Centre. In close cooperation with the marketing and sales departments, the R&D Centre determines the vector for new technologies development based on current requirements of each client and market in general.

Alnas engineering centre is working both on the retrofit of the existing ESP elements as well as development of innovative equipment. Recently, the plant has updated its product range adding improved performance pumps, a vortex gas separator and a size 5 gas separator-disperser, modules with compressing and dispersing stages in addition to size 5 improved design ESP intake modules. The new release also features size 3 valve actuator units, size 5 / 5A electric motors with a higher voltage rating and tandem ESP protection for high-pressure ESP units with high axial load capacity.

Izhneftemash engineering centre is in charge of comprehensive design and development of oilfield equipment. Izhneftemash maintains direct contact with major Russian oil producers, promptly offering products in demand. Among the latest noteworthy engineering solutions of Izhneftemash are AKBG-216/80 (АКБГ-216/80) automated hydraulic tong, USP-20K (УСП-20К) cement mixing and surge tank unit variants, DP 12 (ДП 12) higher loading capacity pumpjack, INM-3-ChR (ИНМ-3-ЧР) 800A ESP unit switchboards.

Rimera ensures patent protection of the research and development findings by its personnel, which helps constantly raise the value of its intangible assets. uses cookies to make your site experience as positive as possible. If you continue to use our services, we will assume that you agree to the use of cookies.