Established in 1956, Izhneftemash is one of Russia's leaders in the field of oil and gas machine engineering. Izhneftemash specializes in manufacturing of oilfield equipment for oil and gas well drilling, infrastructure development, workover, and oil production, such as pumpjacks, sucker rod pumps, drilling tongs, gear reducers, switchboards, special-purpose vehicles, mud and cementing pumps.

Today, Izhneftemash manufactures:

MORE than
of all automatic stationary drilling tongs made in Russia.
of pump systems
for oil and gas wells cementing during drilling and workover operations.
MORE than
of sucker rod pumps and sucker rod pump drives for deep pumping production. Integrated Approach

A complex approach

Izhneftemash employs an integrated approach to building its business relationship with clients. Along with the equipment procurement, the company supplies spare parts for it, carries out the overhaul of equipment (sucker rod pumps, drilling and suspended tongs, gear reducers, drilling and cementing pumps), offers customized solutions and manufactures even the most complex equipment according to individual customer requirements.

Reliability Comes First

With its history, which spans half a century, and unique valuable expertise in manufacture of oilfield equipment, Izhneftemash has earned a reputation as a reliable business partner both in Russia and internationally. The key consumers of the products made by the Izhevsk asset of Rimera Group are Russia's largest oil companies Rosneft, Bashneft, Slavneft and Surgutneftegas, as well as oil companies in Brazil, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Uzbekistan.

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