Velikiy Stanislav
General Director, Rimera Group
Stanislav Velikiy has a multi-year experience in sales management. He started his career in the Sales Department at ChelPipe Group in 2003. He made it from a sales manager at the storage facility up to the Head of Trading Division of Uraltrubostal. He successfully implemented the company's project aimed at creating a partnership network for sales of steel pipes in Russia, achieving a market share of 40%.

In 2016, he has become the Head of Sales of Rimera Group. For four years, Stanislav was in charge of strengthening market positions and expanding sales channels to facilitate the growth of such key corporate indicators as net profit and EBITDA margin. In April 2020, he was elected to the post of the General Director of Rimera Group.

Stanislav Velikiy graduated from Ural State Technical University, majoring in Information Systems in Metallurgy. He completed the Executive MBA program in the Business Administration Institute at the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration. He is the super-finalist of the Russian Leaders of 2020 Contest.

Functional Management

Ilyin Anton
Director of R&D Centre, Rimera Group
Anton Ilyin began his career in Rimera Group at Izhneftemash plant. He began his 12-year career with Izhneftemash as a Product Design Engineer at the Advanced Development Dept., and gradually moved on to become the Director of the Corporate Engineering Centre. Anton has successfully administrated operations of the process and design service, participated in implementing automated design systems and in developing new cementing and well-drilling equipment. Starting from May 2017, Mr. Ilyin has been holding the position of the Director of Rimera Group’s R&D Centre.

Anton graduated from the Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University as an Engineer.
Remez Oleg
Automation Director, Rimera Group
Oleg Remez has many years of managerial experience in the field of integrated ERP systems creation.

Since 2005, he took a direct part in the creation of ERP systems of several conglomerates controlling Avtokran, Bryansk Automobile Plant, Krasny Kotelshchik, SibEnergoMash, UralMash and others.

Oleg graduated from the Civil Defense Academy of EMERCOM of Russia with a degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, and also from the Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics, majoring in Finance and Credit.
Reznichenko Aleksey
Director for Economics and Finance, Rimera Group
Aleksey has more than 20-year experience of work in various management positions in Russian and foreign divisions of Baker Hughes. Over the recent eight years, he was in charge of planning and achieving corporate financial indicators, defined investment priorities and business strategies of the production divisions, participated in merger and acquisition transactions.

Aleksey Reznichenko graduated from International Independent Environmental & Political University, majoring in International Economics. He holds an MBA degree in Finance at the California State University.

Executive directors

Berezin Sergey
Executive Director, Izhneftemash

Sergey Berezin started his career at Izhneftemash in 1995. He worked his way from the Deputy Procurement Manager to the Head of the Supply Chain Department. Mr. Berezin has been acting as the Executive Director of Izhevsk Oil and Gas Machine Engineering Plant since August 2016.

Sergey Berezin graduated from the Izhevsk Mechanical Institute majoring in Machine Engineering Technology,

And was honored with a special certificate by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Udmurt Republic.

Khairullin Ildar
Executive Director, Alnas

Ildar Khairullin has worked for Alnas for over 15 years and has many years of experience in executive positions. For the past five years, Mr. Khairullin has been working as a Chief Engineer. In 2001–2013, he worked as a Shop Supervisor, a Deputy Director for Marketing and Commerce, and an HSE Department Manager.

Ildar Khairullin graduated from the Kazan Higher Military Command School with a degree in Aerial Vehicles and Power Plants.

Baranov Maksim
Executive Director, Rimera-Service
Maksim Baranov has a 18-year experience in corporate and human resources management, including at LUKOIL. Prior to joining Rimera Group, he was one of the top managers of Almaz, an oilfield service company. Under his leadership, the company has managed to expand the serviced well stock and to increase the market share of direct sales as well as its share in the lease and maintenance segment.

Maksim joined Rimera Group in 2019 and was involved in sales of oilfield services in the business service of the managing company. Since June 2020, he is the Executive Director of Rimera-Service.

He graduated from the Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics, majoring in Economics, and Moscow State Law Academy named after O.E. Kutafin, majoring in Law, as well as Moscow Linguistics Institute, majoring in Translation.
Bogaichuk Vladimir
Branch Director, Rimera-Service-Nizhnevartovsk
Vladimir has a 25-year experience in the oil industry. Before joining Rimera-Service, he held offices of the Deputy Operations Director, a Workshop Supervisor, a Process Engineer at Oilpump Service LLC.

He joined Rimera Group in 2011 as the Chief Engineer of the Rimera-Service-Povolzhie Branch, and in 2013 he became the head of the organization. In 2019, he was in charge of the quality service systematization at all the sites of the service network. In June 2020, he was appointed as the Director of Rimera-Service-Nizhnevartovsk Branch.

He graduated from the Omsk State Technical University, majoring in Electrical Equipment and Electrical Facilities of Companies, Organisations, and Institutions.
Valgin-Skazka Anton
Branch Director, Rimera-Service-Niagan
Anton has more than 20-year experience of work in management positions in production and service maintenance of systems of electric submersible pumps and sucker-rod pumps. He has successfully performed projects for ISO 9001 quality management system certification and implemented financial and production accounting systems at MamontovEPUservice (a subsidiary of Yuganskneftegaz) and Kubanneftemash. Over the five recent years, he has worked in the service divisions of Varieganneft, an oil company (a subsidiary of Russneft).

From 2006 to 2010, Anton launched in Rimera Group a new business entitled Yugansk-Alnas-Service, headed Alnas-Trans-Service, and managed the ESP production as the Chief Engineer of Alnas.

Anton Valgin-Skazka graduated from the Samara State Technical University and International Management Institute.
Dubovtsev Maksim
Branch Director, Rimera-Service-Povolzhie
Maksim has a 15-year experience in the operation of electrical submersible pumps. He started his career in Rimera Group in its Orenburg-Alnas-Service division. From 2008 to 2018, he worked his way up from the head of the field operations shop to the deputy director for production. Since 2019, he is the Director of Rimera-Service-Povolzhie Branch.

Maksim Dubovtsev graduated from the South Ural State University, majoring in Power Supply-Systems and Networks. In 2007, he completed the training for operation of electrical submersible pumps and telemetry systems at RITEK Innovation & Technology Center.
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