Oilfield equipment lease and servicing of Slavneft-Megionneftegaz wells

The largest oil company in Western Siberia, Slavneft-Megionneftegaz, is one of the main clients of Rimera Group. Collaboration with this company began in 2014, when Rimera Group was awarded a service contract for 560 new wells of the Severo-Pokurskoye oil field.
At the same time, the Rimera-Service Nizhnevartovsk branch started leasing and servicing ESP units at 400 Slavneft-Megionneftegaz wells in seven oil fields of the company: Pokamasovskoye, Lokosovskoye, Novo-Pokurskoye, Severo-Ostrovnoye, Ostrovnoye, Ketovskoye and Yuzhno-Pokamasovskoye. Over the three years of operation, the well stock has reached 446 wells, of which 353 were under rental arrangements. In 2017, cooperation kept progressing, and now the well stock comprises 415 wells, of which 400 are under rental arrangements.

In 2017, the Nizhnevartovsk branch of the Rimera-Service network was awarded a contract for lease and servicing of oil production equipment at the Slavneft-Megionneftegaz wells of the Aganskoye and Yuzhno-Aganskoye fields – the specialists of the branch service 674 wells, and in 193 wells the contractor’s rental equipment has been installed.

Currently, Rimera-Service renders oilfield services at 1,023 Slavneft-Megionneftegaz wells – more than 25% of its total well stock. Cooperation with a company of this scale takes compliance with demanding deadlines and the quality of service, provision of state-of-the art operations services coordination at the facility, and intensive research activities. Long-term cooperation with Slavneft-Megionneftegaz allows us to diversify the workload of the Nizhnevartovsk subdivision of Rimera-Service and strengthen key positions in the oilfield services market.

In March 2014, Slavneft-Megionneftegas and Rimera Group signed a resolution on further cooperation in the field of exercising an integrated approach to oilfield services, which determined the main areas of collaboration. These included the unique White Well Project testing at the oil fields with the further option of integrated servicing of all subsurface oil production equipment (ESP units and tubing). On top of all this, pilot tests of the new Alnas equipment – a high-performance pump and a high-endurance ESP protector – take place at the Slavneft-Megionneftegaz well stock.

Other projects

The White Well Project
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