Oilfield servicing of Rosneft-Nyaganneftegaz wells

The cooperation between Rimera Group and Rosneft-Nyaganneftegaz began in 2008, when the industry enjoyed an active growth in production, resumption of exploration well drilling, large-scale introduction of new technologies, replacement of oilfield equipment, construction of new and renovation of existing oil production facilities.<br> Rimera-Service was able to prove its competitive advantages and won a contract for servicing 950 wells of the Yug-Talinka oil production unit, and as early as in 2016 the volumes were increased by 639 wells of Kamennoe oil production unit.
The Rimera-Service-Nyagan branch is based in the urban-type settlement of Talinka, on an area of 2 hectares and serves all the wells of both fields, providing a full range of submersible oil production equipment repair, installation, testing and field maintenance services. The branch’s workshops are equipped with advanced equipment, including computerized test benches, where highly qualified specialists use modern ESP repair and maintenance technologies.

The main objectives of Rimera-Service Nyagan are establishing long-term relationships with the clients through providing high-quality services that reduce operating costs, and making arrangements for the long-term tasks in the field of repair and operation of ESP units.

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