Mission and values

White Metallurgy Philosophy –
the Philosophy of Transformation

White Metallurgy is a new standard in metallurgical production that emerged in Russia in 2010. Its products, technologies, and employee qualifications meet the most demanding modern standards, and are often well ahead of the market requirements by several years. The corporate white metallurgy philosophy applies to the entire ChelPipe Group, including Rimera Group – its oilfield services division.

Personal Transformation
Environment Transformation
Workspace Transformation
Social Transformation


By sharing the ideas of White Metallurgy, or the philosophy of transformation, we bring success and prosperity to our clients and community.


- We produce environmentally friendly product
- We use safe materials
- We upgrade production equipment
- We provide medical care
- We create conditions for a healthy lifestyle
- We use safe technologies and materials
- We provide social benefits
- We promote a healthy lifestyle
- We have a minimal impact on the environment


- We take every client task seriously
- We are open to resolving issues
- We adapt to changing requirements
- We are proud of our company. Everyone contributes to success
- The Company accepts the corporate social responsibility towards its employees
- We implement social and charitable programs
- We care about child and adolescent development
- We transform community through White Metallurgy philosophy


- We meet expectations
- We ensure compliance with deadlines and high work quality
- We improve and upgrade technologies
- We pay taxes in full
- We monitor environmental safety
- We maintain social facilities
- We guarantee regular salaries
- We offer a comprehensive benefits package
- We honour our history and develop traditions


- We manufacture high quality products
- Our service exceeds expectations
- We build long-term partnerships
- We provide conditions for self-realisation and creativity
- We care about the comfort of our work environment
- We develop the relationships of partnership with our employees
- The products we make are of vital importance for the society
- We enhance the popularity of blue-collar jobs
- We promote a new mindset


- We introduce full cycle, innovative solutions
- We are good at both existing client development and attracting new ones
- We set goals and succeed
- We execute orders that have a considerable impact on national image and competitiveness
- We create and explore innovative professions
- We continuously increase our productivity

Production system principles

Continuous improvement principles are introduced in all of our White Metallurgy shops. More than half of all pipe workers in the company’s new shops have university diplomas. ChelPipe welcomes and encourages employees to acquire new engineering specialties and provides training opportunities.

Creating value for Clients, Employees, Shareholders, and Community
Complete elimination of losses through continuous improvement
No defective products are made, accepted or handed over
People are the main driving force on the path to perfection

Client service

To improve the quality of interaction with domestic and foreign clients, the company is currently transitioning to a client-centred corporate culture designed to change mindsets, products, processes, and communication. These changes form a corporate environment in which user experience is the main driver of leadership.

Being client-centric is more than just convenient service, courteous staff or a focus on clients: it is a managerial approach that provides a competitive advantage and a resource for company growth.

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